Record and share audio with friends!

Use Audiopile to upload, transcode, stream and share high resolution audio in any format. A simple, professional tool for managing audio in the cloud.

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The Audiopile mobile app has an audio recorder built in.

Files generated by the audio recorder are stored locally on your device. Once you have wi-fi or proper cell service you can upload your recordings to the cloud for sharing and safekeeping.


Audiopile is designed to share audio files easily!

You can create private groups with your friends and collaborators. Anything uploaded to a group will be available to all members.

If you need to share files with people outside your groups, you can generate and share download links.


Upload music directly from your phone, or use the web app to upload large files.

Start a long running upload from the studio, go for a walk and the app will automatically notify you when a streamable copy is ready.

Uploaded audio files are stored on Audiopile servers for easy retrival at any time.


  • After each upload, a second lower resolution copy is generated and stored alongside the original
  • Your original master is never deleted. Audiopile uses these transcoded files to allow streaming to mobile devices
  • During transcoding, files are also normalized. You'll be able to hear your files on any system or mobile device, even if they were exported at a lower volume.

Streaming / Sharing

Audiopile's web and mobile application allows group members to stream large files, even from a mobile connection

If you need to share a file with someone outside the Audiopile network, you can quickly generate public streaming and download links

Audiopile also generates web audio players which can be pasted into any web site

Supports iOS, Android and web!

"I love the private links and small group sharing features. This app makes it so easy to share mixes and ideas with my friends."
"Using Dropbox and Google Drive works fine, but listening back to .wav files from these platforms is slow and clunky. Almost impossible on cellular data. Transcoding in the cloud is a small improvement but it makes things so much faster!"
"Audiopile is so great for sharing music with my band! All the power of a big streaming app devoted to hosting and listening to my unfinished demos."

For $1.99/month enjoy

  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Unlimited Storage

This app is 100% ad free and we don't sell user data.

Thank you for supporting it with your subscription.


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